Behaviour and temperament of Akita Inu

The Akita Inu is a Japanese Breed. The Akita has been declared a National Treasure in his native country.

Akitas are natural guardians of the home and should not be trained as a guard dog. Akitas can be inherently agressive towards other animals and for this reason, they should never be allowed to run free or roam at will. Male akitas show agression towards other male dogs, and female akitas usually will not tolerate another female. Akitas can live peacefully with opposite sex dogs, although some akitas prefer being an only dog.

Akitas might consider small animals prey and hunt them. This may include cats, rodents, birds, small wildlife and smaller dogs. If you have other pets, be sure the akita is given its own food bowl. Be certain no animal, small children, or strangers are allowed near the akita until its dinner time is over.

Some akitas consider eye contact a challenge and may react agressively. An inherited trait from their wolf ancesrtry and may at some time, challenge you for the dominant position in your family life. This behavior can not be tolerated and a consistent correction should be your immediate response. Akitas with good temperament accept discipline well from those it loves - not beating, but intelligent discipline.

Akitas should be obedience trained by their owners and never sent away to school. A good obedience class will guarantee you a firm bond with your akita and a well behaved akita in the end. Do not discipline your dog hours after an incident, the dog will not associate the discipline with an incident which occured hours earlier in the day.

Each time your akita comes to you it should be rewarded with praise and love. Do not call your akita to you for discipline that, encourages your dog to not come when called. Do not use its name when discipling it, you want the akita to associate its name with love and affection, not punishment. Akitas are not usually hyper active and fit into a sedentary household. You should go walking or playing in the yard with your akita.

Akitas can live for 12 - 14 years with god care and proper nutrition. Feed only a good all-natural food that contains no soya and is low in protein. If possible, they should be fed twice a day to avoid bloat.

Some akitas are talkers. They may groan, grunt and mumbleto entertrain themselves. Many akitas "woo" to greet you it loves and tills should not be interpreted as growling. Akita "woo" is an endearing trait and should not frighten you. After living with your akita you can easily distinguish between "woo" and growl.

We hope we could help get to know Akita Inu. However, dogs are not same. Sometimes you can see a patient Akita on a dog exhibition or an other one, who barks always and wants to bite every other dogs. Akita behaviour depends on connect between it and its master. You can have a friend if you learn how an Akita Inu works.