My name is Edit Börcsök. I am the owner of the ETSUKO NIWA SHI kennel.

I would like to introduce you the story of my kennel:

Since i was a child I admired animals mainly the dogs. Fortunately i grew up in such a place where we could have got dogs. At the beginning of the ’90s i got two collies from my parents. That time did i „taste” of the dog exhibitions at first, which enchanted me for the rest of my life.

In 1996 i got a dog magazine from abroad and that time i became aware of the akita as a kind of a dog brand. I made up my mind to have once such a dog! I was reading books and magazines in order to get to know even more information about this grandiose and fine brand. And once my dream came true.

Me and my fiancé have got married in 2005, and in the same year was born the puppy i was waiting for. So we surprised ourself with an akita, called Naomi. Anyway i wanted such a puppy which realize my hopes of dog shows. We went on our first dog show in spring of 2006 and it was not for nothing. Then came the even nicer results. We got the Hungária Champion title in the summer of 2008.

In November of 2009 became the member of the ENS a man puppy-Bushi, who kind and faithful for the first meeting. After corresponding for a long time in december of 2009 we brought a puppy from the Etnakita kennel from Sicilia . She is a realy Princess, a „Picco Bella”!

I hope very, that these dogs will be founder of my kennel int he future!

In the future i would like to aspire to breed from my kennel excellent healthy, balanced puppys with good conditions - with emphasis of keeping the character of this brand. Nevertheless i would like to reach that the Etsuko Niva Shi akitas fulfil their commitments even on the dog shows, even at home at the owners.

I would like to thank everything to:
…… My parents who assisted my hobby since i was a child;
…… Thanks to my husband Laci for persistence, because if somebody keep dogs that knows dogs claim a lot of care every day;
…… And thanks for Tóthné Marcsi for help, for teaching and for the encouragement, too.